I found this neat story about seeing an angel in the Northern Lights over Alaska which I just had to share. It reminds me of a similar experience my girlfriend and I once had.

I have had several strange occurances during my lifetime. My whole family witnessed what appeared to be the northern lights in the Southern sky--where we've never seen them before. The lights were actually one form--the shape of a perfect angel. The image was unmistakable and in complete detail down to the fingernails, the bible in one hand, the other outstreached in what appeared to be a compassionate gesture. The feet wore sandals and the body was clothed in a flowing robe. Yes, there were wings too, with feathers. There was no part of the figure that was not in complete detail, right down to the embroidering of the sash which held the robe together. The figure was moving very slowly and shimmering as it went. It was uniform in color--almost 100% pure white with a hint of gold--very unusual color for northern lights and very unusual in that northern lights usually change color. We were on a speedboat while witnessing this and it was exactly midnight and 12 days before Christmas. We all saw it and remarked on the detail. There was a scientist on board and what was strange was he admitted the likeness in form, but kept telling us over and over 'It's just the northern lights'...

The depth effect was very real as we were moving quickly. It was obvious it was a high altitude display taking place in the ionosphere. I would not call this the northern lights. My theory is that it was a deliberate projection. With ionizing beams you can 'paint' an image onto the ionosphere with great detail. Then when the solar wind comes along it will prefer to follow the ionized paths, lighting up your 'display'. HAARP can do this and there is a (now defunct) HAARP-style facility in Homer, Alaska, called 'Olsen Mountain' which is just SouthWest of Halibut Cove. The dish antennas point straight up but they are aimable. It is my belief that during its final day of operation somebody fired it up and got creative.

Henry Kroll - Anchorage, AK

I might as well share my story with you to, although mine has no good explanation. I was driving with my girlfriend down York Road in Baltimore, when traffic came to a halt at the corner of Belvedere and York. I was about 15 cars away from the intersection. My girlfriend started to look around uncomfortably and then said that she had a really bad feeling. Then she pointed straight ahead and said she thought she saw this huge, grey shadow of an angel going up into the air. Just at that moment, we heard a woman start screaming and wailing on the sidewalk. As traffic was let through, we saw there had been a serious accident with a person and a van. There was a small body covered with a blanket, presumably dead.

That night we heard on the late night news that a boy had been hit by an elderly care van and had died before the ambulance arrived. My girlfriend was convinced the angel she saw must have been taking that boy up to heaven at that moment.

I dont personally put too much stock in angels, but I do enjoy a good story. Maybe other noders on here have had similar experiences?

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