An author, poet, and essayist, self-categorized as part of the Chicana (Xicana) literary movement. Bitter and eminently feminist, her books harbor no respect for masculinity and seek constantly to reject and destroy the traditional image of the hispanic female. She was born in 1953, in Chicago.

Her most famous work is probably The Mixquiahuala Letters, for its creative style and greater readability than her other fiction. Other works include:

  • Women Are Not Roses (1984) A collection of poetry.
  • My Father Was A Toltec: And Selected Poems 1973 - 1988 (1995) Poetry.
  • Sapogonia: An Anti-Romance in 3/8 Meter (1990) A novel.
  • So Far From God (1994) Novel.
  • Peel My Love Like an Onion (1999) Novel.

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