Dear Rowan Atkinson,

I recently had this really weird dream.

I had found a snippet of a really interesting book on Google, but needed to see the rest of the sentence where it had been cut off. So I went to the Swiss chalet of the author, and found the book in his basement, when I was surprised there by his really hot daughter, who started making out with me. The author himself found us in short order thereafter, and chased me from his house, across a parking lot, and into a maze of wire basket bridges connecting one mountain top to another. I thought he would give up, but he just kept chasing, even as I was shouting praise for his book (and criticizing how stupid the page numbering system was -- I mean who numbers book pages with sets of letters split down the middle and then rearranged to form new letters)?

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for taking a break from your underwater scuba magic show to help guide me through the mazes. And for pointing out that I could escape at any time by waking up.

Pandeism Fish

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