In all of her high school pictures, Lee wears red lipstick and pushes her lips out slightly. She must think this looks pouty, and sexy. I think it makes her look foreign and somehow aloof, less approachable. I think back now, and this lip contortion makes me think of slices of beef liver. On the back of one of these pictures, she writes to Witchiepoo, "An apparition on a wet, black bough" - Ezra Pound

I remember the time of year that these pictures were returned to us. I walked into the lunchroom and Lee was sitting with Witchiepoo and another girl we didn't like - Tracy. As I walked in, wearing very loose jeans, a white oxford shirt over a t shirt, and a plain black vest, Lee became visibly excited.

"We were just talking about how the perfect man would be dressed. He would be dressed just like you."

I don't remember if she gave me one of those pictures. If she did, it certainly didn't have any poetry on it.

Lee Stories

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