Westport Plaza : St. Louis

A chain of bar/dance clubs. I know there is one located in St. Louis in the Westport Plaza area. There is also one located in Kansas City. The one in St. Louis is a poor substitute for the ones that can be found downtown. Patrick's just on the other side of the plaza is a much better place. America's Pub features these DJs/MCs that are doing all these antics and dancing around and trying to pump up the crowd. But they are so lame unless you are drunk you are just laughing at them. Ok, so that is just my opinion, I'm sure somebody, besides themselves, must think they are cool, after all they are getting paid to do this.

For the most part this place is a big island bar and a dance floor. There are a couple sections where there are seats and you can sit down. There is a second bar, but it isn't open unless they have a big crowd. It also has access to a balcony that over looks part of the plaza.

I think this place used to be cool. I remember going here when I first moved to St. Louis, it had a long line to get in, and it didn't seem so lame. I think the only thing it has going for it now is large groups of drunk girls are usually there and a bunch of meatheads lurking around hitting on them.

Ok maybe I'm being a little hard on the place. I don't like the scene there maybe other people do.

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