A famous band in the 1960s, fronted by Ted Nugent. Mostly famous for the song "Journey to the Center of the Mind".

The full name of the band is the American Amboy Dukes, but they are known to most as just the Amboy Dukes.

Featured Ted Nugent on the guitar, Greg Arama and/or Bill White on the bass, John Drake and/or Rusty Day on vocals and Dave Palmer on drums.

Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes (1967)
Journey to the Center of the Mind (1968)
Migration (1969)
Carriage on the Wind (1970)
Marriage on the Rocks (1970)
Survival of the Fittest (1971)
Call of the Wild (1973) (this album features a whole different lineup, except Ted Nugent)
Tooth, Fang and Claw (1974) (this album returns to the former lineup. It is unknown (to me at least) why it changed between 1971 and 1974)
Dr. Slingshot (1975)

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