Town of about 817 people.

Known as the Wine Capitol of Arkansas

School mascot: Owl.

Has a really nice old catholic church built in the early 1900's. Paintings and Stained Glass in this church are in German and Polish, reflecting the local heritage.

Altus is famous for its wineries. In 1880, both Post and Wiederkehr Wineries were started after hearing from monks at the Subiaco Abby about the good soils and proper enviroment for the growth of grapes. Later, some members of the Post Family started a smaller winery, Mount Bethel (named for the small hill the vineyard is located on), and in 1999, another small winery was started.

The primary business of those in Altus are industrial work at local manufacturing plants, or at the wineries. Altus lies 430+ feet above sea level, and is about 5 miles from the Arkansas River. In April - May 2003, Altus played as the backdrop for Fox's The Simple Life. The show aired in December 2003-January 2004

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