First album by The Models, Mushroom Records, 1980.

Track list: 1. 21 Hz, 2 Strategic Air Command, 3 Two People Per Sq Km, 4 Pull The Pin, 5 Twice Removed, 6 Pate Pedestrian, 7 All Stop, 8 Uncontrollable Boy (I'm Just An), 9 Young Rodents, 10 Hans Stand: A War Record, 11 Happy Birthday IBM.

The band refused to issue a single, so Mushroom distributed a promotional only 12-inch EP to radio stations with 3 tracks on it: Two People Per Sq Km, Uncontrollable Boy (I’m Just an), and Young Rodents.

Title refers to the first seven letters of the alphabet in pilots’ jargon.

For a more detailed history of the album and band see

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