A type of poem where each line starts with a letter of the alphabet, like so:

Comes from a lack of sex
Don't you know?
. . .
X-ray Spex was not a good band
You know you've got to go back home to the
Zoo when your mama throws pooh at you.

I didn't claim it's good, just an example.

Forms of Poetry

Another variant of this form of poetry is such that each word starts with the appropriate letter, in order.

Another bland cookie
Dull, eternally feeble
Gathering hunger
Inspiring junk
Kids lament, missing nothing
Quit recreating such terrible ugliness!
Voluntary whine
Xavier yanked zealously

Awake, birds chirp.
Dawn erupts, following gloom.
Hungry insects jump keenly, looking.
Mother Nature offers peace, quiet, respite.
The undergrowth vehemently watches, xenodochial yet zealous.


I invite others to try this out; with vocabularies far better than mine I'm sure they'll outshine my humble attempt.

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