Alpha Class Submarine

Otherwise known as Project 705 and 705k. They are a type of Russian nuclear attack submarine. These boats were the pride of the Soviet and Warsaw Pact navies when they were introduced in 1977 and decomissioned between 1990-1993. However, it would not be suprising if some were still being held in service secretly. This is because even in the 21st Century they are the fastest and deepest diving submarines ever constructed. This is because they had an overly powerful nuclear reactor; were extremely compact and streamlined and also had titanium hulls(the first major naval use of this transition metal). They were all based, officially, in the Northern Fleet. Project 705's were all built in the Admiralty dockyards in St.Petersburg. Project 705k's were all built in the Severodvinsk dockyards.


Displacement-3120 tons


Dimensions-81.4 x 9.5 x 7.6 metres.

Engine/Powerplant-1 nuclear reactor-155MVt. Type: OK-550 or BM-4-A. 2 Steam turbines; 40,000 SHP. Note: Many problems with these reactors because they used a rhodium alloy in liquid form as a coolant. In many cases the rhodium solidified destroying the reactor and exposing the core. These were extremely dangerous boats hence having a huge officer presence on board in case of problems.

Endurance-50 days

Armament-6 553mm bow torpedo tubes. 20 torpedoes: VA-111 or SS-N-15/81R / 24 mines. Also 4 650mm torpedo tubes housing 12 SS-N-16/Vodopad nuclear depth charges.(capable of destroying everything in 1km diameter underwater area.)

Crew (officer/enlisted)-31/14

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