You leaned against the wall, playing with the cigarette between your fingers and smirking at me. It wasn't one of those mischievous smirks that I had seen on your lips many other times, but a knowing smirk, the kind that made you shiver with excitement at the fact that somebody knew your darkest secret. Your gray eyes stared at me with a sort of shared cynicism that I was not included in; the world was our enemies and you were my only ally. I nodded in acknowledgement of your message, and you looked away, content with this.

Cigarette smoke wafted to the sky, like the dreams that I so desperately clung onto, but which had faded away between my fingers. When I contemplated this, I frowned, and your concerned glance penetrated me. I shook my head, forgetting it all, though it still gnawed at my soul.

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