is a web portal linking to online newspapers and magazines worldwide. Since there is no link to a FAQ on the front page, the full range of links available is not immediately evident.

Of course, if you know what newspaper or magazine you are looking for, you can find it easily - using any search engine. But suppose you want to see if the New York Times has left out anything in their coverage of the conflict between India and Pakistan. Using this site, you can easily find a list of online newspapers from both countries, many of which are online versions of print editions.

As far as I can tell, all the periodicals I glanced at were the genuine item, intended for reading in the country they were ostensibly intended to be read in. Many are written in English, or have an English language version available.

Freedom of the press is sometimes not a pretty sight, and some of the periodicals are undoubtedly government publications, but if you don't completely trust the media, here at least is a chance to get an alternative viewpoint from some media not a part of the United States media establishment. can be found at

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