A Chicago based psychedelic rock band from the early 70s. Originally just called Aliotta Haynes (with members Mitch and Ted Aliotta and Skip Haynes), they published one album appropriately called "Music" in 1970 and after which they met John Jeremiah and subsequently incorporated him into the band name.

They released three albums under this name (A self-titled album, Lake Shore Drive, and Slippin' Away), and in 1975 they teamed up with Harvey Mandel to eventually become Acme Thunder. Denny Seiwell was their drummer occasionally and he went on to play with ex-Beatle Paul McCartney in the Wings. From what I can tell, the band gained little note in the halls of musical history, save for their Lake Shore Drive which became popular with people in Chicago and the adjacent areas. Their music is largely out of print, however the occasional record or CD might be found if one looks hard enough.

Music (1970) (as Aliotta Haynes)
Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah (1970)
Lake Shore Drive (1971)
Slippin' Away (1972)
Let's All Get Naked (1975) (as Acme Thunder)

Mitch Aliotta, Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Ted Aliotta, Bass/Vocals
Skip Haynes, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
John Jeremiah, Keyboards, Vocals
Ron Zeta, Drums
Bob Pariso, Drums, Vocals
Denny Seiwell, Drums

Source: http://www.borderlinebooks.com/us6070s/a2.html#Aliotta_Haynes

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