While some fans of the classic science fiction/horror flick Aliens refer to the third Aliens movie as Alienses, the word was also the title of a very funny Saturday Night Live skit featuring Sigourney Weaver. Some scattered Internet evidence indcates that this skit was in the first SNL of the 1986-87 season.

In Alienses, those wacky space marines are once again led by that uber-heroine Ripley as they face their greatest threat ever. As the skit begins, our heroes have retreated into the nearest hideyhole to take cover from the Enemy. They check their gear and nervously scan for signs of alien activity. Suddenly, the scanner starts beeping.....

Paraphrased dialogue:

MARINE 1 (looking at scanner): It's coming!!!

RIPLEY: Everybody get ready!

The scanner starts beeping louder and louder.

MARINE 1: Twenty meters....ten meters....five....

MARINE 2 (hysterically): That's it, man! We're done for! We're CREAMED CORN, man! We're green peas!!!

RIPLEY (sharply): Shut up! (pauses) Ready to open the door on my mark....NOW!!!!

At Ripley's cue, the door opens. Fake smoke swirls through the doorway as gunfire booms--might even scare John Woo, the guns are that loud. However, as the smoke clears and the gunfire stops, the look of elation on Ripley and the Marines' faces turns to horror as they see just what they killed....

The body of Spielberg's peaceloving Extra-Terrestrial is lying in the doorway!

MARINE 1 (in total shock): We've killed ET!!!!

As the Marines look stunned, RIPLEY's look of horror suddenly turns into determination--they can get out of this!

RIPLEY: Here's what we're going to do...he'd been drinking, right?

RIPLEY takes a flask of hard liquor out of her pocket and drenches ET's corpse, then takes a pistol from one of the Marines

RIPLEY (holding the pistol in the air): He was waving this around, right?

RIPLEY plants the gun in ET's appendage

RIPLEY (satisfied): The verdict is...self-defense!


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