A road in central London connecting Fleet Street with the Strand. The BBC's Bush House headquarters, the London School of Economics, posh restaurants, theatres, and a hotel are located on the Aldwych.

Aldwych tube station, a branch of the Piccadilly Line closed in 1994, still stands just south of the actual Aldwych. Originally called "The Strand" it was renamed shortly after it opened and is currently used for shooting movies, music videos (Prodigy have used it), and the like. Urban explorers should stay away from the main enterance-- there are others however...

Aldwych means 'The Old Place' in Anglo-Saxon, and is presumably very old indeed. Bush House, Australia House and India House stand on the island between the Aldwych and the Strand. (Bush House is the headquarters of the BBC World Service.) Kingsway runs northward to Holborn station, which is in Camden. The Aldwych itself is in Westminster, while Fleet Street is in the City of London. The Waldorf Hotel stands on the north-west side of this semi-circular thoroughfare.

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