blue to purple to pink
the immense sky stretches out to all sides
the stars have already come out in the east
but the west refuses to darken.

and in the west, the sky turns to fire
and the orange atmosphere
scorches the clouds black
and the east grows dimmer.

the eastern mountains reflect the east in pink and purple
and beyond, night drops her cloak
and the milky way begins its dance.

the desert cools and city lights blink on
under the fading clouds
the dust devils raise into their heavenly berth
and the highway glistens with the day's heat.

and in the west, the sky burns out
the orange to green to blue grows thinner
as the unseen sun continues its task
of warming the other side.

and in the cooling night
and in the fading light
and above the darkened land
the white band streams above in splendor.


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