The jacket says this book is a "personal investigation" into anthropology. So it is. It's the nonprofessional account of the scientific revolution in natural sciences during the 1940 to 50's, specifically the advent of modern ideas about how humans developed from the animal background. Major theses: Mankind developed from a race of weapon-using killer apes from Africa. The australeopithecines. All social animals fight among each other for territory or status more than sex.

Add the sidelong study of evolution, instinct, and social development, and you're probably thinking it's the world's greatest insomina cure, but it's a short, quick read, appropriate for anyone who digs evolution but has never heard it dissected all kung-fu style.
Needless to say, this book caused lots of people to spew flaming balls of shit out their ears when it was published, but it might seem a little stale and outdated to the modern student.

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