A slang term for Australian Rules football. Usually derogatory, used by people from non-Aussie rules areas, especially rugby fans. Refers to the amount of time the ball spends up in the air.

Now, I've never really been into sports all that much, and I'm no footy fanatic, but I respect aerial ping pong. Kicking a football up into the air and a long way down the field allows for marking (known to the uninformed as catching the ball), an important part of Aussie rules and the basis of both king of the pack and plain ol' kick to kick, the quintessential Australian playground games, of which I have many fond memories.

King of the pack involves a king, consisting of one person, and a pack, consisting of many people. The king kicks the ball to the pack, who compete with each other to catch it. If one of them marks the ball, then they become king and the king joins the pack. Otherwise, the ball is kicked back to the king and the game continues. Kick to kick is similar, but there are only two packs (or possibly individuals) kicking the ball back and forth. The only reward for taking a mark is the glory. Neither of these games would be any good if the ball weren't made to fly through the air, aerial ping pong style.

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