A television show from the late eighties and early nineties. Set in a fantasy world, the cast of characters was composed primarily of small bears who could talk and who's names ended in the letter "i". There was Gruffi, the alpha male of the group, concerned largely with fixing things. There was Grammi, the mother figure, who was the sole surviving individual with knowledge of how to make Gummi Berri Juice, there was Tubbi the constantly hungry and generally not very helpful blue gummi, Sunni, the young female teenage type bear, Zummi the bumbling keeper of the Ancient Gummi Lore and able to speak Ancient Gummi, and Cubbi, the adventurous young gummi.

These Gummi Bears kept themselves hidden from humans in the forest specifically in a large tree. They think they are the only living descendants of the race of Ancient Gummi although they later find other leftover Gummis. The Gummi Bears were primarily concerned with warding off Duke Igthorne and his band of Trolls, including Toadwart his leiutenant midget troll. Igthorne wanted the recipe to Gummi Berri Juice so that he could Rule the World.

The Gummi Bears Theme Song was a classic of Disney Cartoon music.

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