Aduvizor (also known by it's new commercialized name Aduva Manager) is Aduva's product for the Linux end-user, which claims to:
  • Manage your RPM-based Linux distro. It will download new applications from the Aduva server and install them, satisfying every bit of package depdendencies. The process of installation is mostly flawless due to the throughout testing the packages undergo before being released. You can expect installation to run unattended. It also allows you to "subscribe" to applications and receive notifications of updates.
  • Autodetect your hardware and install appropriate modules.
  • Compile kernels (to upgrade, or if a needed module is missing). It will download the latest kernel, scan your hardware, mark the relevant options, compile the whole thing itself (unattended) and install it.

All this goodness is presented to you in a X application with a purple-themed (yuck!) GUI (made in Qt), so that you wouldn't need the console at any point.

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