Novel written by Craig Turner as part of the 2001 festival (if you could call it that) of Cow-oh! (Choristers and Others Writing On Holiday). It was one of just two books completed, the other being tanya ashworth's A Woman of a Certain Age.

Adelaidia was written with the aim of combining two core themes: libertarianism and Adelaide's infamous two degrees of separation. The intention was for it to end in a really screwed up way remniscent of Michael Marshall-Smith's style.

Cow-oh! is a ripoff of the nanowrimo concept, in that participants are each required to write a book of 50k words in a month. The first version of the Adelaidia is 50098 words. The author got to this point at 11.13pm on 31 December 2001.

Adelaidia is a long way from being properly finished, and probably has another 30k words to be written and needs a hell of a lot of polishing to get it to the stage where it's readable. Currently several chapters consist of notes of where the story will eventually go with "I had this strange dream and all I could remember was this:" or something similar written at the top of the chapter.

When it is truly finished, Adelaidia will be publised on everything2. It was written in vim on freebsd on a borrowed Acer laptop in console mode.

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