Created the Superintentent of Documents Classification System (see: SuDoc).

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Adelaide Rosalie Hasse was born September 13, 1868 in Milwaukee, Wis., the eldest of five children. Her father, a noted physician, moved his practice and family several times during Hasse's childhood, finally settling in Los Angeles, Calif. Due to these moves, Hasse never gained a degree, but studied in public schools and with private tutors.

Hasse began her 60-year career in librarianship at the age of 21, when she was employed as an assistant to Tessa L. Kelso at the Los Angeles Public Library. Kelso soon steered Hasse toward what would become a lifelong interest in Government documents. Hasse organized the library's document collection, devised a classification system for them, and began compiling a checklist which became the first of her almost 3 dozen publications in the field.

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Article by GPO Historian James Cameron, appearing in TYPELINE, Volume 16, Number 9 (September 1983), pages 8-9; reprinted in Administrative Notes Vol. 5, No. 8, May 1984, p.26; later reprinted in the Federal Depository Library Manual, Section 1, pp. 3-5 (looseleaf update 10-84)

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