Actimel is a yummy yoghurt drink that comes in cute little 100ml bottles. It's produced by the Danone corporation and comes in three flavours: Original, Orange(yumyumyum) and 0%(for models). All three are damn good but Orange reigns supreme on my palette.

The drink is marketed as a health product and is supposed to be very good for the digestive system, metabolism and the immune system by ways of the magical ingredient (here comes the science part) L. casei Imunitass.

L. casei Imunitass supposedly restores the stomachs natural balance of "intenstinal flora", a lining in the stomach that contains friendly bacteria that "fight pathogenic bacteria while at the same time accepting the passage of nutrients for digestion".

Apparently stress, poor diet and fatigue can wear down these flora and thusly have adverse effects on the digestive and immune systems.

We can't have this happening now, can we?

Of course not people.

Bottom line: I don't really know exactly what Actimel or L. casei Imunitass do to the body, just like I don't know what Imroved Pro-V formula X5 does for Jennifer Aniston's hair except make her look damn good.

Actimel tastes damn nice, and is a nice alternative to swigging a cup of minging instant coffee in the morning.

Oh yeah, Actimel takes its name from the Flemish "actieve melk," meaning "active milk".


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