From Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology (London, 1880)

ACHAE'MENES ('Achaimenes). 1. The ancestor of the Persian kings, who founded the family of the Achaemenidae ('Achaimenidai), which was the noblest family of the Pasargadae, the noblest of the Persian tribes. Achaemenes is said to have been brought up by an eagle. According to a genealogy given by Xerxes. the following was the order of the descent : Achaemenes, Teïspes, Cambyses, Cyrus, Teïspes, Ariaramnes, Arsames, Hystaspes, Darius, Xerxes. (Herod. i. 125, vii. 11; Aelian, Hist.Anim. xii. 21.) The original seat of this family was Achaemenia in Persis. (Steph. s.v. 'Achaimenia.) The Roman poets use the adjective Achaemenius in the sense of Persian. (Hor. Carm. iii. 1. 44, xiii. 8; Ov. Ar. Am. i. 226, Met. iv. 212.)

2. The son of Darius I. was appointed by his brother Xerxes governor of Egypt, B. C. 484. He commanded the Egyptian fleet in the expedition of Xerxes against Greece, and strongly opposed the prudent advice of Demaratus. When Egypt revolted under Inarus the Libyan in B. C. 460, Achaemenes was sent to subdue it, but was defeated and killed in battle by Inarus. (Herod. iii. 12, vii. 7, 97, 236; Diod. xi. 74.)

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