I had a discussion about spirituality, Reiki in particular, with what at that time became a close friend. The discussion took us about one and half a year.

left-brained as i was, i saw no sign of any mystical energy around. he couldn't understand me. "how can you not feel it?"

although i was smoking a lot of cannabis at the time and well aware that there was more in my brain that i knew of, i wanted objective, scientific proof.

one day i gave in anyway, and agreed to visit a weekend of Reiki teaching with his mom. i was ready to accept anything presented to me, ready to shut off my brain and just feel what's happening in my body. i could still sort it out later.

objectively, nothing happened during that weekend. Five people sat, stood, lied in a room, practicing to lay on hands on themselves or each other, talking, meditating, laughing. We prayed and called god to come upon us, asked mother nature to be so kind as to pass us some energy, please, or just concentrated on our selves.

I did something that i thought was stupid. I prayed. I asked God, whom i didn't believe in, for Energy, which i didn't believe in either. To my astonishment, he gave some to me.

By now i practice home-grown Reiki-like rituals regularily. I cannot deny the existence of mystical energy any more, because i feel it. And i cannot understand how i could ever deny it. A single weekend of ignoring my rationality and accepting a Higher Source changed me thoroughly.

It hasn't been easier since, but better. My body is still trying to explain it to my brain.

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