Ab*sorb"ent (#), a. [L. absorbens, p. pr. of absorbere.]

Absorbing; swallowing; absorptive.

Absorbent ground Paint., a ground prepared for a picture, chiefly with distemper, or water colors, by which the oil is absorbed, and a brilliancy is imparted to the colors.


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Ab*sorb"ent, n.


Anything which absorbs.

The ocean, itself a bad absorbent of heat. Darwin.

2. Med.

Any substance which absorbs and neutralizes acid fluid in the stomach and bowels, as magnesia, chalk, etc.; also a substance e. g., iodine) which acts on the absorbent vessels so as to reduce enlarged and indurated parts.

3. pl. Physiol.

The vessels by which the processes of absorption are carried on, as the lymphatics in animals, the extremities of the roots in plants.


© Webster 1913.

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