Aaron Shust is a Christian Contemporary singer/songwriter. He grew up in Pittsburgh, where he learned to play the piano (starting at age 7) and the guitar (in his teenage years).

Shust attended Tocoa Falls College, where he studied music theory, and now serves as a worship leader at Perimeter Church in Atlanta.

Aaron Shust is regarded as a rising star in the Christian Contemporary community. His first album, Anything Worth Saying, contains a single named My Savior My God. This song is a remake of a 19th century hymn by Dorothy Greenwell named I Am Not Skilled to Understand, and has been picked up by Christian radio stations more quickly than any other song in history. The song hit #1 in the April 22, 2006 Billboard Music Christian music chart.

Shust's music is widely varied, from gentle, acoustical guitar ballads to songs with a definite rock feel. His influences range from Bach and Mozart to Bob Marley and U2.


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