Record company founded in the year 2000. David Gray's White Ladder was the first album realeased by ATO. ATO stands for according to our, thus the full title of the record company is According To Our Records. ATO was founded by Dave Matthews, Coran Capshaw, Michael McDonald, and Chris Tetzeli. ATO is based in New York. It distributes its records through BMG.

As of June 2002 ATO's artists and releases:
David Gray: White Ladder, Lost Songs, and David Gray - Live at the Point released on VHS and DVD
Patty Griffin: 1000 Kisses
Gov't Mule: The Deep End Volume 1 (first of a three part series)
Ben Kweller: Sha Sha
Chris Whitely: Rocket House (also released on vinyl) and Chris Whitley Scrapyard Video Compilation

This could be considered ATO's motto:
"ATO seeks out talented songwriters, musicians and performers for whom there is genuine passion and belief. ATO strives to build career artists. As a truly independant label ATO is steadfast in our commitment to maintaining that focus... ATO looks for the label to evolve naturally on an artist-by-artist basis. The priority for the label is that there be sufficient time and attention to develop each artist and each release. There is no timeline, but there is a plan to build the label on the quality of the musicians we work with."

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