The "Amateur Satelite" format for expressing the Keplerian Elements of a satellite. While this format is easily read by humans, it is not standardized. It takes the form:

Satellite: AO-13
Catalog number: NNNNN
Element set: NNN
Inclination: DD.FFFF deg
RA of node: DDD.FFFF deg
Eccentricity: 0.EEEEEEE
Arg of perigee: DDD.FFFF deg
Mean anomaly: D.FFFF deg
Mean motion: R.FFFFFFFF rev/day
Decay rate: -R.FFe-06 rev/day^2
Epoch rev: NNNN
Checksum: NNN

Compare to: NASA/NORAD 2-Line Format
One-Line "Charlie" Elements Format

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