From the AICSA website

The Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association (AICSA) is a non-profit organisation which represents University Choirs based throughout Australia. AICSA was officially formed in 1973, though it's member choirs have been associated to varying degrees since 1950, when the first Intervarsity Choral Festival (IVCF) was held by the Melbourne and Sydney Univeristy Choral Societies (MUCS & SUMS).

Affiliated choirs include: At the annual choral intervarsity, people who show up without being members of any of these are dumped in the group of People Without (aka Piss-Weak) Choral Society.

The intervarsity festival is a bit of a riot, and usually consists of a camp for one week and then a concert, and being billeted out for a week and another concert. During this time, choristers use every opportunity to improve their skulling (competition is fierce!) and sing laudate.
Each year at IV, presidents and treasurers or member choirs (or people stupid enough to have been conned into being proxied) have to sit through the annual council meeting, which has been known to go for several days and is booring as all hell.

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