Codename: "Son of Spectre"

Based on the AC-130 "Spectre" gunship, the AC-X is an experimental offensive medium-size jet plane in the american air force.

The AC-X model carries all the usual armament if the AC-130; twin 20mm Vulcan cannon (capable of firing 2,500 rounds per minute), 40mm Bofors cannon (100 rounds per minute) and a 105mm Howitzer. In addition, it has a COIL laser, capable of firing extreme-energy laser beams at targets. The laser beam is powerful enough to inflict damage on airplane hulls and easy ground targets such as radar stations. The effect can be lowered to non-lethal for other uses such as targeting for missiles, confusing optical instruments etc.

The COIL laser is chemically based and very large. It's the result of over thirty years of top-secret research and can now be fitted inside the AC-130 support-fire aircraft. The fitting and production of these aircraft will start somewhere around 2003. The AC-X is not the same as the larger ABL.

Source: The Guardian

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