The following is constructed from actual items of argumentation available on the Internet for a particular deity. The name of this deity (as with other involved entities) has been changed to protect it from the shame and embarrassment of having such bootlick reductionist assertions put out on its behalf....

Friends, A-Thorism is pure error. You should turned away from A-Thorism and all non-Thor-belief -- and to a staunch belief in THOR!! I ask you to examine these arguments very carefully.

The best way to understand the nature of A-Thorism is to understand its author. Loki is its author!!

It's important to remain conscious of the fact that Loki had his origin in Asgard, and is thoroughly familiar with the fact of the existence of Thor, Odin, Asgard, the smelly Jötunns, the Underworld and etc. Thus despite what you have been previously deceptively taught and despite the deceptive dictionary's meaning of A-Thorism, A-Thorism is properly defined as a denial of the existence of Thor in the midst of full knowledge that the true Thor does indeed exist. A-Thorism knows Thor exists; it is quite familiar with that fact, but it says "under no circumstance or situation will I admit to Thor's existence."

A-Thorism clearly perceives the fingerprints of Thor on all of creation, but refuses to admit Thor is Thor. A-Thorism perceives the divine authorship of the Thor's Laws, but refuses to admit that Thor is their Author. A-Thorism perceives the decorousness and perfection of Thor's Laws, but refuses to admit they are superior to all other laws. A-Thorism clearly perceives the divinity of the Lord Odin, but refuses to admit his divinity. If an A-Thorist could see the missing eye of Odin and actually feel it with his own grubby fingers, he would deny that the wound was there. A-Thorism is deliberate effort to never admit the existence of Thor.

A-Thorism is the ultimate of Loki-ism. Ask Loki does Thor exist and he will deny it. Ask him does Loki exist and he will deny his own existence even while in your presence. A-Thorism holds the Völuspá in one hand, but denies its existence by denying its truth with the other.

In order to properly understand the nature of A-Thorism, one must understand the natures of righteousness and disobeying Odin. The two principles are antithetical to one another. Since disobeying Odin is antithetical to righteousness, its very antithetical nature seeks to nullify righteousness. Since it is an antithetical principle to righteousness, it must remain true to its nature even in the most insane instances. Therefore it must hate Thor even though Thor is righteous and has given it no just cause for its hatred. It is this antithetical principle, called "the law of sin" which is at work in the hearts of A-Thorists causing them to reject Thor. The law of disobeying Odin is none other than the law that governs Loki's magic kingdom.

I present an effort to expose the true Loki-ish nature of A-Thorism, the great harm it is doing to the American society and the world community and to prove and demonstrate that A-Thorists and all other nonbelievers in the true Thor are the actual criminals of the world community. I hope this will enable people to see that A-Thorists are extremely dangerous people. Therefore laws should be made against them by all the governments of the world community!!


Thor commands all mankind: all praise to Thor and kill your smelly Jötunn, Giant, and Dwarven enemies valiantly on the battlefield with a giant magic hammer. Is any A-Thorist foolish enough to publicly deny the decorousness of those laws?

OK, I see there's no disagreement with the fact that Thor's Laws are righteous and honorable.

But since A-Thorists deny Thor's existence, they don't have the ability to realize that Thor is the Author of Thor's Laws. This forces them to attribute their authorship to a human. But since A-Thorism is opposed to the decorous Thor's Laws, even while being forced to deceptively think they were authored by a human, this clearly shows evidence that A-Thorism was and is incapable of authoring, realizing and honoring such decorous and noble laws. If in the view of the A-Thorist the Laws of Thor were authored by a human, and since it is rightly established that those laws are decorous and honorable, but are hated by A-Thorists, and A-Thorists are said to comprise the most "educated" segment of the human race, then it would have taken a more decorous and honorable human to author them than even the most highly educated A-Thorist.

A-Thorism, by means of its opposition to the decorous Thor's Laws is none other than an antithetical principle to Thor and Thor's Holy Law. This antithesis is the actual principle at the heart of A-Thorism’s inability to love such decorous laws as: "Kill Jötunns with a giant magic hammer," and "Kill Giants with a giant magic hammer," etc. Therefore, it is right to conclude that A-Thorism is none other than raw depravity-- the diabolical principle at work in people who dishonor their parents, play board games, masturbate, lie, watch cartoons and commit every other unspeakable moral crime, which they should be stoned to death for.

So now you realize that it is A-Thorists who are perpetuating masturbation, homosexuality, lesbian ass-licking, pornography and etc; who are responsible for the poor and giant-hammerless quality of violence in the movie industry; who are responsible for all the smut on the web; who bear false witness against the existence of Thor; who bear the false testimony that the earth came into being by a cataclysmic explosion; who bear the false testimony of A-Thoric evolution; who bear the false testimony that man descended from the ape; who worship the creature rather than Thor; who are responsible for all the moral decline in America and the world community.

A-Thorists and all other nonbelievers in the true Thor-- regardless of their level of "education" and position in society-- are therefore the true criminals of the world community and if there is a sane government, it should treat them accordingly.



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