There is a sense of excitement in the couple strolling hand-in-hand through the trees. For the first time since they became lovers they have managed to grab a whole day to spend together. They are walking in the bush, the scent of jasmine heavy in the air, the sun filtering through the trees overhead.

She is leading him to one of her favourite places.

They arrive, at last, in a clearing in the trees, where the grass is soft and springy and where a bend in the river slows the current and makes a perfect swimming hole.

They lay out a blanket and sit on the grass taking out the picnic they've brought with them -- nothing elaborate, just some fresh bread and cheese, some grapes and a crisp chilled Chardonnay. She has chosen with care though, searching her memory for comments he has made about the things he likes best.

They eat, not saying much, enjoying being together without having to worry about rushing back to work, separately to avoid the gossips, just taking pleasure in the food and the sun and the anticipation of an afternoon in this lovely secluded place. When they do speak, they talk quietly, discussing their lives, finding out more about each other, questioning, answering and smiling at how many things they seem to have in common. Towards the end of the meal he feeds her grapes with his fingers, smiling as she closes her lips around them.

After they have eaten they lay back on the blanket, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, her head on his chest. She turns her face up to his and they kiss. Just gently at first, but soon very soon the gentleness goes. His arms tighten round her and the kisses deepen, get harder and firmer.

They don't waste any time getting their clothes off. It's a working day and only the locals know this place, so they know they aren't going to be disturbed. The sun is just warm enough and they lay there, stroking each other's bodies, caressing teasing. And kissing, always kissing. She giggles, as a stroking finger finds a ticklish spot and he grins, mentally noting that she is ticklish just there; and then, he kisses her again.

She presses herself against him and murmurs “Please…” in his ear. More than willing, he rolls on top of her pushing her legs wide apart with his knee. She shivers as the breeze plays over the heat of her, and she takes his cock in her hand. She guides him deftly, and eagerly to the mouth of her waiting cunt. This time, they both know, is too perfect, too precious to waste. He enters her with one hard, deep thrust and she gasps, her hands tightening on his back. Every movement he makes she matches, the friction driving both of them wild. They fuck hard and fast and happily, revelling in it, in each other, in the way they make each other feel.

Every movement is pleasure, every pleasure exquisite, until, soon, but not too soon, they come together, their bodies beaded with sweat, both of them shuddering from the intensity of their orgasms. They keep moving as one, easing now, slowing, but not stopping until they are drained. He rests there on top of her for a few moments, smiling into her eyes, and then gently he rolls himself off of her and they lie side by side, naked, sticky but happy, letting the sun dry the sweat on their bodies.

They bask there for a while, fingertips touching, and talk some more as the sun replenishes their energy. This time they talk of love, and of how perfectly matched their bodies, their appetites, seem to be. They laugh about the accident that led them to be in the same hotel at the same time, and he jokes that if she hadn't been drunk enough to blurt out "You know I've always fancied you" he would never have had the courage to do more than look at her, and fantasise .

They talk about the moments they have been able to steal, in the early mornings, at lunchtimes, or before going off to their separate lives - him to his parents home, her, to the house that she shares with two of the women from work - women who blessedly have gone on the same course in the city leaving the coast clear for their day together.

Until she stops the talk by leaning over him and kissing him. "Swim?" she asks. He nods and they get up and walk to the river. The coldness of the water is a shock at first, but they soon become accustomed to it. They swim, and then play, him diving under the water to duck her, then her splashing him as she moves closer, and closer... and then, standing chest deep in the river, she wraps her arms lightly round his neck and gives him a long, slow intentional kiss, her nipples, hard from the chill of the water, grazing across his chest.

'MMMmmmmm' he says, and she can feel his cock hardening, responding to her closeness. Walking backwards she pulls him into the centre of the pool, where the water reaches to his neck. Then with a wicked twinkle in her eye she puts her hands on his shoulders and lifts one leg off the floor, caressing his thigh with hers.

He brings a hand down to stroke her leg and, as she feels his hand grasp her thigh, she lifts the other leg up and wraps it round his waist. He slips his hands under her buttocks and holds her there, supported by the water, and he slides himself into her centre again. They stay there almost motionless, moving only where the water takes them, rocking softly against each other in the lazy current - kissing, caressing, whispering endearments, letting the movement of the river carry them with it gracefully, incredibly slowly towards a climax.

The orgasm comes at last, reaching her before him. He feels the shudder run through her and pulls her tighter against him, mashing his lips against hers as she moans into his mouth. He is pulling her towards him, moving her away, back and forth with the motion of the river and she comes, and comes and comes..… Her teeth close on his lower lip, biting hard enough to draw blood, as she tries to muffle the sounds of her ecstasy, until finally he too gives a shudder, and gasps against her lips and comes with a sudden surging force.... And it is wonderful .

As the sun starts to sink gently, and a chill settles in to the evening, they walk softly out of the water to dry and dress quickly and stand, his arms around her waist, her head tilted back to rest on his shoulder, as darkness falls over the river and the moon rises to light them home.

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