This was perhaps third or fourth grade, on a camping trip with my Brownie troop. We were on our first "real" camp-out complete with freaky roast corn and chicken and veggies cooked in the coals of a campfire, marshmallows (which *were* stolen by raccoons), and all the other typical things a camp-out with small girls "roughing it" entails.

Fun first day, swam, did crafts, hiked everything is happy. Weirdness setting up tents, we did *not* know what we were doing. We get our big fancy tents up with only struggle. Of course our troop leader has a wimpy fisher-pricetent and gets it up in just a few minutes, as it is a toy. Regardless, the first night was fine (except for the racoons). Second day, just as fun, if not a bit tiring. Second night: disaster.

It rained. and rained. and rained. The tents, improperly set up, *LEAK*. badly. ALL of them. (turns out we'd put the tarps out beyond the body of the tent, they collected water and pulled it under the tents, seeping in from the bottom, *and* had put the flys on wrong so the tops dripped. So we go find our troopleader. in the fisher price tent. the "NOT FOR OUTDOOR USE! THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY A TOY" tent. the one that did NOT leak. She did not realize it was raining until we woke her up.

Everything ended up being alright, as we retreated to one of the girls' ranches for the night, but still... *oh* the irony...

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