Vasiliy says it is just like hunting rabbits.

"Lev, they came here to die. Their women hate their little cocks and their Aryan babies cry like sirens. Shoot them in the head and they smile and thank you. I swear it is true!"

I believe him now.

I shot nine so far today. They keep popping up in the same spot, over behind the streetcar, halfway to the fountain. They want to drink the dirty water. It is full of blood now.

The last one saw me. He was squatting in the rubble, shitting his blond head through his ass. I only clipped him in the throat. He looked right at me while holding the spray. He smiled just like Vas said.

The Stukas howl all night and day. I hear them in my guts before they dive. I shot up at one once. It flew past so fast it was a stripe in the sight. Safe from me today Nazi. Come take a walk in my street.

The rifle shells are cold in my pouch. They want to burn. They want to go and live in warmth. I'll see what I can do today.

I forget what it was like before. It feels so permanent now. This place of gray will last forever. More rabbits come. I do my duty for the Motherland.

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