"It's nice to know Queen Victoria once particularly admired the original of the little scallop-topped table when she visited the Scone Castle in Scotland."

My senior year of high school I took a class in interior design - I needed credits because sophomore year I took off for the beach at lunch every day and the class looked like a great way to coast through 6th period. Little did I know I was starting an obsession that would last until this very day. We learned about building materials, the golden mean, style, color, and portfolios. One of our first assignments was to begin a "Personal Style Notebook". This was just a scrapbook of interior design magazine clippings, but once you had a scrapbook full of things you liked you could define your "personal style".

"The simple delicacy of this Mansfield table would make it welcome in any room, but it is just right for a bedside book or two."

I graduated from high school in 1987 and here it is 2001. My Personal Style Notebook binder is jam packed full of clippings, divided into Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath, Garden, and Misc. One day I was adding an especially nice little side table to my collection when I realized I had never shown my Personal Style Notebook to my husband! How could I have neglected to share something so special and personal at some point over our seven year marriage?

"Climb into the Victorian brass and iron bed and you'll feel safe as a child who's nanny is near. At the foot of the bed, the amiable small chest everyone craves."

So I brought my precious Personal Style Notebook downstairs to where my husband was watching a sporting event on TV. I slid the massive tome across the coffee table to my relaxed husband "What's this?" he queried. "It's our future!" I replied. He opened it up and gazed at one of the pages for a long long time. I joined him at his side and snuggled in.

"Clearly, for these landed old families as for all of us, some things are too dear to part with. Now, having proved themselves well, these things inspired by the past will go sturdily on, acquiring new memories to add to the old."

"This bedroom is nice" he said "our dirty clothes will look great heaped up on the bed and that old chest there."

My favorite softlink down there is Don't Make Shit Up. Either the softlinker doesn't believe I
a) am old enough to have graduated in 1987.
b) am creative enough to make up something called a personal style notebook or
c) have piles of dirty laundry on every flat surface of my bedroom.

Thank you softlinker, whoever you are! I hope I don't crush your perfect vision of me by saying: Sorry, but This Shit is True!

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