She delicately held up the flowing fabric with her small hands, lips slightly ajar. Lifting one pale leg and offering it forth to the mahogany floorboard, she shifted her weight, lifting her chin so as to look down upon the miniscule citizens cowering from the foot that was now looming above them. Pushing the corners of her lips upward and allowing her eyes a pleasant creasing, she stepped forward again with the stride of a confident doe. Holding herself up, she proceeded in this manner to the mirror of her bower, watching an identical girl appearing in the finely polished glass.

And then she dropped her dress, the silk collapsing upon itself and settling into a puddle at her feet. The people gasped at her naked splendor, giving life to the wonder that she had drawn from the crowd that watched her. Her eyes shone with an alluring charm, singing a silent praise to the aesthetic aspects of her heritage. Her demure smile left the people wondering how such a shy girl could be revealing so much about herself with the separation of two fingers, the releasing of such a simple burden.

But she looked down, and the people were nowhere to be seen, vanished; all that was there were bare wooden boards.

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