(sufi, Nasrudin stories)


A pot that gave birth 


Nasrudin had borrowed a pot from his neighbour and then put a smaller pot inside when giving it back. His neighbour asked:

- What's this?

- Your pot gave birth, - replied Nasrudin, making his neighbour extremely happy.

A few days pass by and Nasrudin asks his neighbour to lend him the same pot for another few days. 

- Of course, my dearest friend, - his neighbour responded gleefully, giving him the pot.

A week passes by, and Nasrudin still hasn't returned the pot. The neighbour goes to visit Nasrudin and asks:

- So, where's my pot?

- My condolences, but your pot passed away.

- But how can a pot die?

- My dearest neighbour, you're a weird fellow. You believe a pot can give birth, but doubt it can die!

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