Let's sway
under the moonlight,
This serious moonlight
Let's dance - David Bowie

Are we over the moon or
(a quick pirouette, head thrown back,)
under it ?

She is asking this out loud,
(but she is not so much asking as dancing)
and my answer is only an echo
to her twirling.

We are around the world, I say
we are in and around it and
the world is in us as well.

So, as the world spins
(she stands still, just for a moment) we spin
and as the moon rises
we rise.
Is that so ?

Oui, always and ever, I say
But you are whole and not a part;
never a sliver.

I am only whole in your eyes, she says,
(spinning once more),
you don't see me when I fade away

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