I recently happened upon a forum where the topic of discussion turned to rather sophomoric braggadocio regarding how folks in the room would like to interact with certain actresses of a non-mainstream genre widely considered by men to be compellingly sexually attractive. The discussion was augmented by the posting of pictures of certain of those actresses displaying the anatomical evidence of their femininity. That is, guys (and a few girls; or more accurately, people believably claiming to be guys, and a few people somewhat dubiously claiming to be girls) talking about porn stars and supplying graphically naughty pictures of same. Somewhat surprisingly, the general air of comment was along the lines of "I'd eat that pussy so hard" and "I'd lick up all those juices" and "I'd make her cum all over my tongue all day long." This constitutes a marked difference from the sort of salaciousness which I heard in my younger days, when guys would direct such claims toward traditional genital-to-genital penetration (the word 'bang' was a frequent flier in those days).

Two decades ago, men simply seemed far less apt to immediately describe their attraction to a woman in terms of wishing to perform oral sex on that woman, and give that woman carnal pleasures primarily through that particular form of stimulation. And in the generations before that, such things were not spoken of at all, except in the most hushed and disparaged of corners. So it would seem that the trend of late is toward a heightening of the male desire to perform oral sex on women.

Now, I'll tell you the truth, I don't think this is necessarily reflective of an uptick in the desire of men to actually give women pleasure; men have long suffered the illusion that they universally accomplish that the old-fashioned, moral-majority-approved way. Nor is this necessarily even indicative of men desiring to impart an unselfish pleasure. Instead, I suspect this is in part a rebranding of men boasting of their sexual potency, and to raise the unspoken ideal of reciprocity. The man who proposes to deliver a woman to ecstasy with his tongue tricks alone perhaps sublimately suggests himself to be exceptionally gifted and capable of delivering even greater pleasure with other portions of his anatomy, and innately implies that his success in that endeavour will redound to his benefit by the woman being inspired to return to him a similar climax provided to him with her mouth. Or, at least, that his initial round of tongue-fucking will have yielded conditions ideal for moving on to another kind of fucking.

Plus, who are we kidding here; though it may be an acquired taste, pussy (if properly maintained) is yummy, and licking a comely lass to a squirming climax is terribly, terribly exciting. As a sexual act, cunnilingus can simultaneously engage the senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight (unless done in the dark, in which event the cost of suppressing sight yields the return of the enhancement of all other senses). And perhaps we have in this generation realised that one can never feel so tangible a sense of connection to the core of female sexuality than to be experiencing it through all of those sensory capacities. So, I feel at least blessed to be alive in a time when a generation of men (and lesbians) are at last able to express openly their desire to dive into this delight, for the sake of the fulfillment of life's grand gift of experiential knowledge!!



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