People tend to do some really odd things when they know they have nothing to lose. In this case, the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton had some interesting things to do in his last week.

  • Protection and reservation of several huge areas of land. Bill Clinton definately tried to set up for the next election by desginating several huge places of land as protected by the national government. This would make GWB look very unpopular if he un-protected them, and it gives Bill a tighter hold with the environmental lobby.
  • Sweeping pardons: Bill pardoned over 100 people on his last day, including people from groups who made signifigant contributions to Democratic political campaigns, many from New York, Hillary's new homeland.
  • (My personal favorite)Minor vandalism by the ousted staff: The whitehouse staff broke all of the G's and W's off of the keyboards on their final day as to make them all but unsuable in the next administration.

Welcome to the American Whitehouse, Mr. President. It has been said that America always enjoys a "peaceful transition of power"; no political coup, no uproar, no large scale civil uprising. It seems that in this case, the peace did come to pass, in the sense that guns were not drawn, and armies were not summoned. Perhaps the worse unrest is the quiet kind: I believe that kind shall be the undoing of America.

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