Once, in a small village in Germany, there was a young girl who worked for a powerful count. It is said that on one of the last Sundays of Lent, she went to communion and confession, like every other "good" Christian would.

However, there was a ball at a popular ballroom that night, and her mother warned her not to desecrate the holy day by going dancing. She ignored her mother's reprimands, and went anyway. The price of her non piety would come soon enough...

She danced with many men, but none really pulled on her heartstrings or swept her off her feet. Just as she had about given up on finding anyone, a man came toward her that she had never seen before-and asked her to dance. His dark eyes and hair, the way he was dressed-everything about him almost seemed too good to be true.

They danced and danced, and she was transfixed by his gaze and grace. One of the musicians at the ball noticed something funny about the man-he had hoofed feet-the sign of the devil! He drew his comrades attention to it, and in the middle of the waltz they were playing, began to play "Amazing Grace".

Right then, the clock struck twelve and the strange man pulled the girl toward him, and with a crash, bursted out the window with her with him! The guests frantically went to the window, and saw the girl lying on the grass, shards of glass lying all around her. The man had disappeared.

you might have heard this one before, or a variation of it-chicken feet, different locale, more recent, etc. It's said to be true, but I don't believe in the devil, so I sure don't. Who knows though. My grandma told me this one.

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