Have you ever seen a home run hit in a baseball game, and everyone within a thirty foot radius of the ball reaches up and over, falling all over each other, pulling each other down, and sometimes throwing punches and stepping over small children just for a chance at getting an $8 souvenir? Imagine that same group of people, but this time, give them fishing nets and put them in motor boats.

What you have... is Pac Bell Park. The San Francisco Giants built their new stadium right on the bay, so any home run hit to right field has a good chance of ending up in "McCovey's Cove". The original idea was to have a dog jump into the water and retrieve the ball, but now people have taken to idleing their boats on the other side of the wall, waiting for someone to hit a ball into the drink.

Well, it finally happened tonight. Barry Bonds hit the first ever home run into McCovey Cove. Two boats went after the ball, and sadly, they didn't collide. I say sadly not because I want people to get hurt, but because I find it funny, perhaps sadistically so, that some people will risk destroying a sixteen foot power boat for an eight dollar baseball.

This is going to be a fun season...

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