Movie released in 2002 by Warner Brothers directed by Adam Shankman from a screenplay by Karen Janszen. The film stars Shane West as Landon Carter and pop singer Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan. The movie also features character actor Peter Coyote as the girl's father, Reverend Sullivan and Daryl Hannah as the boy's mother.

Based on a book by Nicholas Sparks (inheritor of Robert James Waller's legacy to publishing), A Walk to Remember tells the story of Landon Carter, a handsome, popular high school student who is forced to be nice to people and do extra-curricular activities as punishment after he is involved in a prank gone wrong that puts another student (albiet an unpopular one) in the hospital. One wonders at a school system that thinks the proper punishment for endangering a fellow student's life is to make the culprit star in the school play and teach an dumb kid math.

Landon's punishment brings him into contact with Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of the local preacher. Self-confident and secure in her own geekiness and with nearly no fashion sense, Jamie tries to befriend Landon, but is rebuffed. Because she is not crushed by this, Landon is immediately smitten with her and changes from a shallow self-centered punk with no regard for the feelings of others into a caring, thoughful young man who only wants to help others in the course of what appears to be a week long period. Maybe this punishment system is on to something.

Landon and Jamie fall for each other as they star in the spring play. Landon convinces Jamie's father, the hard-nosed preacher, to break his rule against the girl ever dating by asking him nicely, showing what a tower of conviction this man is. They date, Landon is sweet, helping Jamie to do things that are on her list of things she wants to do before she dies (Foreshadowing alert! Foreshowding Alert!)

The two are blissfully happy despite opposition from Landon's idiot friends, who at one point Photoshop Jamie's head to a bikini model's body to get at her. Amazingly, this nearly creates a fight between Landon and one of his friends, instead of them being openly mocked by the rest of the student body for really crappy use of a computer. But as with any such romance between young lovers (see: Love Story, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, etc.), fate intervenes and Jamie reveals that she is dying of leukemia.

Landon bravely struggles on, building her a telescope as a sign of devotion, while she quitely wastes away. They are married and then she dies off camera, with a touching little scene between her father and Landon years later to cap off the movie.

If you are looking for a saccarine movie to watch, this is your film. I saw it to start with in a room full of high school students, who told me that I had to see this movie. I assured them afterward that I didn't.

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