a true story
( Okay. This story is only funny because it's sad, sad because it's true. )

Some few years ago (you can figure out how many after you read the story) after quitting a stint at a small failing software startup, I get a call from an old college chum, lets call him "Nicholas".

So "Nicholas" says to me, "Dude, how'd you like to help me n "Laurel" n "Knute" with starting up an internet bookstore..." and goes on to explain the scheme... They had at least eight guys lined up, I would have been Employee Number Nine.

The following items run through my head in no particular order. It takes all of 30 seconds:
1) "Nicholas" and his buddies were always flakes in college.
2) Seattle sucks ass, why would I ever want to move there?
3) "Nicholas" and his buddies know jack shit about computers.
4) Some banker-type guy "Nicholas" met in New York is in charge of the whole deal, he's probably a moron.
5) And Seattle pretty much sucks ass.

So you can pretty much figure out the rest of the story for yourselves. "Nicholas" retired and took his girlfriend on an 'open-ended' tour of Europe, "Knute" retired and bought a posh retreat on Bainbridge Island, "Laurel" still works there cause he only has 2 Ferraris, and we all lived happily ever after, right?

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