I heard this line while listening to some insipid pop ballad on the radio in a car. I couldn't tell you the song for the life of me, but the line stuck with me.

A shot of vodka, a drunken kiss.
A pill swallowed, a line snorted.
A dance in a darkened room, tribal.
A razor blade, painkillers.
And a friend who hugs me so hard, this too is his prayer for hope's return.

If you hang on hard enough, if you pray hard enough, if you live hard enough, you might find something worth living for.

I've learned that nothing is as innocent as it may seem, nothing is pure enough for me. Everyone is capable of the use of another, everyone is capable of abuse.

Everything I ever do is a prayer for hope's return, a wish for a time before I was irreparably damaged, when I was innocent and those around me weren't jaded. Whether you think you're searching for love, bliss, enlightenment, or mere contentedness, you are always praying for the return of hope.

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