As the Gods made preparation to create the human race, there existed some degree of uncertainty about the project. Exactly what would be required? Would sufficient resources be available? It was known that both man and woman would be necessary in order to propagate the earth. But as with any major project one must make do with materials at hand. In order to ascertain exactly what was available, all resources were collected. Temporal parts are rather sparse in heaven. Of such things as arms and legs and eyes they found but few--only three or four of each, as I recall. On the other side of the work area they collected hopes, fears, emotions and other such things. Some of these seemed to be available in vast quantities. In fact, no containers could be found large enough to hold them. It became necessary to store them in great heaps upon the ground. Mention should be made here of one very large heap, for it takes a particular part in our story. It quickly grew to almost twice the volume of any other. All were quite astounded, and not a little embarrassed by its presence. Not only the mass, but the power of it was awesome. Work around this area was always carried out in quiet and hushed tones. This heap contained pain--the pain and sorrows of life. It eventually became the source of a great controversy. Some felt that it should not be used. What could be the purpose? As it grew, many came to feel that at least a major portion should be left out. Even as production began the controversy raged on.

It turns out, the man was created first. Assignments were made. Some began the work on the body. Others were dispatched to divide each of the heaps exactly in half. It had been decided in the interest of equity that the man and woman should each receive exactly equal parts of everything. Just about the time the man was getting his portion of the pain of life, the smoldering controversy erupted. There was no putting off the decision any longer. For a time, things got pretty ugly. After a lot of stress and discussion, it was finally decided to use all of every resource at hand, including the pain and sorrow.

    The disturbance had distracted many from their work. During the eruption of controversy and subsequent discussion, the work of dividing the pain and sorrow had come to a virtual standstill. Upon resolution, the need for this resource at production was immediate. Drastic action was necessary to keep the project from falling behind schedule. One grade four angel, in charge of dividing a nearby heap, made a critical error. He and his crew remained behind to help get production moving again. Unfortunately, this left their own duties unattended. These duties included the dividing of the heap which contained pleasure, the appetites and strong desires of this world. Not realizing the situation, the work was continued. The man was completed, and they started on the woman.

The error was not discovered until the entire project was nearing completion. Someone went to get the woman's share of pleasure, and it was not there. A frantic search ensued. It was some time before they realized what had happened. To everyone's horror, the man, long since completed, had been given the entire portion of pleasure. It was a terrible time. A glorious project thought to be on the verge of completion was about to tumble into ruin. The fairness and equity so carefully planned had been lost. What was to be done?

After much finger pointing and blaming, they finally got around to trying to figure out what to do about resolving the error. The project was much too important to be abandoned. Nearly all available resources had been used up. Another great controversy ensued. Some wanted to take everything apart and start over. But there were deadlines to be met. Besides, the man would have none of it.

About this time a fortunate thing happened. They discovered another heap that had also been unequally divided. It was quite  small in size because it was highly concentrated. A group had been dispatched to obtain the man's portion of this heap just before the original controversy had erupted. Those in charge of its division had been late in beginning their original task and were the first distracted by the disturbance. They were, of course, the last to get back to work afterward. Upon returning, they found the man's portion had been taken by the previously mentioned group. They, supposing that so gross a divergence would have been noticed immediately, assumed the dispatchers sent to pick up the man's portion had completed the task of division for them, so they went home. When the misunderstanding was finally discovered they realized the man had received but a few handfuls of empathy. For that was what this heap contained. It was soon decided that in order to make up for the previous error, the woman would be given all the remaining empathy.

This story has a happy ending, but this is not it. It took a long, long time before the man and the woman were able to adjust to the effects of the accumulated errors. She thought him cold and heartless and could not understand his appetite. She was frightened and intimidated by what, to her, seemed to be insatiable desires. He, on the other hand, saw her as lacking in will and indecisive. Instead of focusing on the things she wanted, she always seemed too interested in unimportant side issues; How a decision would effect some person not even directly involved. Would they be able to adjust to the consequentual changes?

They grew further and further apart. Finally it seemed that neither had any pleasure, nor any empathy, especially toward one another. It was at this time that the Gods discovered why that largest heap, the pain and sorrow of life, had been so large, and seemed so awesome. For there was a great outpouring which the man and the woman could hardly contain. The angels and the Gods stood in awe, and wondered at the wisdom of it.

Then, at what seemed the last moment, a miracle occurred. Just as the man and the woman expected to part, almost as strangers, they chanced to look into each others eyes. Each saw a small lonely person. A person filled with pain and frightened by the prospects of more. A person who would hopelessly search for companionship in a world divided against itself. But there was one last thing. Each saw the reflection of a small frightened person fighting desperately to cling to a commitment, to return to that one last hope.

In that moment, each comprehended the pain of the other, and thus began a struggle to renew the commitment. He at last could see her empathy. She at last could accept his desire. It was a sad moment as each realized they needed only to see past their own needs to the needs of the other. Each vowed silently to never be blinded again by their own needs.

In the renewal of commitment they found tenderness and hope. And They used their pain to guide them. In the nurturing of tenderness and hope they found trust. And they used their pain to guide them. In the nurturing of trust, they found love. And they used their pain to guide them. In the process of learning tenderness, hope, trust, and love they found joy in each other. And finally, from joy in each other they discovered God.

Love grew as they learned to be sensitive to the pain they saw in each other; and the pain within themselves. And they grew in wisdom and understanding as they realized that God felt the pain with them. And to their bond, they added a bond with God. And they used His pain to guide them.

And thus it became, that through pain, hope entered into their lives. Their differences began to work to bring them closer together, instead of further apart. In place of a wounding, was found a healing. For she began to experience desire; not for him, but through him. And he began to empathize and understand feelings; not with her, but through her. And from these things would come the miracle of union.

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