The seventh album from the industrial supergroup Pigface, released in 1997.

Tracks on A New High in Low are:

1. Radio Bagpipe
2. Kiss King (High High High)
3. Burundi
4. Bring Unto Me
5. More
6. Nutopia
7. Methylated: Breathalised/Crystalised...
8. Aboriginal
9. Metal Tangerine
10. First Taken Third Found
11. Warzone
12. You Know/You Know/You Know
13. Howler: An English Breakfast
14. Train
15. Howler: An English Breakfast

Album Credits:

Martin Atkins - Piano, Drums, Programming, Moog Synthesizer, Liner Notes, Loops, Artwork, Sculpture, Metal Percussion, Tape Delays
Bob Dog - Sitar
Genesis P-Orridge - Vocals
Jim Marcus - Vocals
Louis Svitek - Guitar
Paul Ferguson - Drums
Mick Harris - Bass
Jason McNinch - Engineer
Alex Welz - Vocals
Jon Lupfer - Engineer
Jason Rau - Mastering
Marc Heal - Vocals
David Babbitt - Artwork, Design
Ben Stokes - Scratching
Adam Yoffe - Engineer
Dave Wright - Synthesizer, Didjeridu, Waterphone
Steve Crittall - Bass, Guitar
Jim Sochacki - Engineer, Sculpture
The Girl Bros. - Horn, Producer, Engineer, Korg, Digital Drums
Marydee Reynolds - Vocals
Meg Lee Chin - Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Dirk Flanigan - Vocals
Al Kiyzs - Bass
Amy Larson - Vocals
Babs Cookiepuss - Telephone Voice
Dana Cochrane - Vocals

A New High in Low is very useful when playing six degrees of facial bacon.

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