A very avant garde short film directed by Bruce Conner, and a very good example of what most of his work is like from a cinematographic standpoint. It's basically an assemblage of completely random footage, though you can fit most of it into the 'cars-crashing-with-big-explosions-everywhere' genre. It begins with the title 'A Movie / by / Bruce Conner', with the latter part staying on the screen for several minutes. Occasionally this rapidly appears and disappears throughout the film. There is no intention to have any plot or intrinsic meaning; it's simply a series of non sequiturs.

From my viewpoint, it seeks to ask a fairly simple question about our concepts of film in general: Do we consider A Movie to be, well, a movie? It's very much in tune with question as to whether modern art can be considered "true art", or, with some abstraction, the heap paradox.

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