I have been given a message to deliver
to Proctor and Gamble
to Pepsi Cola and Exxon
to United Fruit and Nike
I speak for those
in the Resistance:
you win.
we give up.

They recruited me from among the hippies
and freaks
and free-thinkers
and communists
at a bonfire
drinking pear cider
smoking a joint
with a communist

We agreed that liberty was at stake
all over the world
and that's where
they hooked me
"it's a coin
not a die."
they said
"you fight
or you don't"

We spent years struggling against you
you poisoned
you murdered
you lied
your wicked machine
kept the unfed unfed
kept the poor poor
and made the rest of us
need you

We went through your blocks in the night
we opened cell after cell
broke chain after chain
fed mouth after mouth
but returned alone
every night

No one wanted
to be free
in lieu of

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